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untitled, 1984, 1,68m x 3,94m

  Helen Stocker

1939 born in Porto, Portugal
1958 matura examination at Basel
1963-65 studies to be an embroiderer in the workshop of Lissy Funk, Zurich
1964-65 studies of design, painting, graphic arts at school of applied arts, Zurich
1965-68 conservation and restauration of historic textiles at Abegg-Stiftung, Riggisberg (Berne)
1968 studies in USA
1969-70 University of Cincinnati USA: history of arts, painting, enamel painting
1969-71 restauration of textiles at museums of Cleveland, Cincinnati, first exhibitions
1973 opening of workshop in Basel
and working free since this then

morning in the garden,
1993, 169 x 138cm

  scholarships and awards:

1968 swiss federal schollarship
1970 artist in Residence, Edgecliff College, Cincinnati, USA
1987 award in Fiber Art of Scaradala Art Society, New York
1994 cultural award of European cultural performers Baden-Baden, BRD

untitled, 1990, 15,5 x 14,5cm

Mondbeschienen, 1985, 29 x 36cm

Cercle Rouge, 1987, 13,5 x 16,5cm

Utopia, 1988, 240 x 340cm

still life and shells, 1986, 39 x 54cm
  single exhibitions:

1970 Emery Gallery, Cincinnati, USA
1971 Gallery of St.John's Unitarian Church, Cincinnati
1976 Galerie Münsterberg, Basel
1977 Galerie Paul Lüdin, Basel
1977 Galerie Val du Terbi, Corban
1980 Galerie Münsterberg, Basel
1982 Hetzel Hotel, Schluchsee, BRD
1982 Galerie Basel, Basel
1982 Art Forum Hilton, Basel
1983 Galerie Monique Picard, Lausanne
1983 Galerie Verena Müller, Bern
1985 Galerie Hofer, Basel
1986 Galerie Xhosa, Zürich
1987 Galerie Hofer, Basel
1987 Château d'Allaman, Allaman
1988 Galerie Hautefeuille, Paris
1989 Galerie Kleiner Prinz, Baden-Baden, BRD
1990 Galerie Edward Baumberger, Zürich
1991 Galerie Hofer, Basel
1992 Galerie Dr. Dolezal, Zürich
1993 Galerie am Dorfplatz, Winterthur-Veltheim
1995 Galerie Hofer, Basel
1998 Galerie Hofer, Basel

and many group exhibitions

Imagination, 1989, 63 x 129cm

Perpetuum Mobile, 1983, 16 x 42 cm


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