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  Boehmische Bildstickerei, um 1400
Die Stiftungen in Trient, Brandenburg und Danzig
by Evelin Wetter

Berlin 2001
in german language, doctoral thesis

208 pages, 79 illustrations, 14 coloured, 21 x 29,7cm
ISBN 3-7861-2360-8; DM 118.-, Ösh 862.-, sFr. 103.-, Euro 60.33

  press release:
Prague circa 1400 was a centre of embroidery. In close cooperation, painters, who delivered a design, and silkworkers, who transposed it, created paintings with needle and thread. Highly valued, they are also to be found on liturgical garments outside the Bohemian Kingdom.
Unfortunately there is nothing preserved in the churches of Prague. Religious objects were destroyed as a consequence of the conflicts with the Hussites in Bohemia from 1419 on.

The depicted embroideries in Trient, Brandenburg and from Danzig represent both episcopal, provostal, sovereign and merchant class endowments as well as various situations regarding the orders and, thereby, the associated intentions of the donators; and also both the different levels of requirement and the variety of workshop practices: from a large-scale single order for a narrative cycle to serial production for export.

St. John, from Cope M 24,
Prague around 1410/20,
Lübeck, Museum of St. Anne


followers of St.Vigilius, from vestment
of Georg from Liechtenstein,
Prague(?) around 1390/91, Trient

Detail of Dalmatic from vestment
of Georg from Liechtenstein,
Prague(?) around 1390/91, Trient


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