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  Tavole in Merletto
La prezisa arte dei merletti nell'aredo della travola e della casa

5 Biennale internazionale del merletto
several articles by several authors
Cantł, 17 novembre - 2 dicembre 2001

without ISBN

130 pages, 18 color and 125 black and white photographs
in italian language

- Pensieri del sindaco
- Prefazione

- La tovaglia nell'apparecchiatura della tavola tra i secoli XII e XX -
Marialuisa Rizzini
- Mettersi a tavola con civiltą -
Rosanna Nistri
- L'unione tra merletti e tessuti -
Tessy Schoenholzer Nichols

- Gli anni Cinquanta e Suse Bernuth - Anneliese Wienands

- Catalogo della mostra
- Produzione contemporanea: le scuole

detail of: cena in casa di Marta, around 1360,
by Giovanni da Milano,
Firenze, Santa Croce, Cappella Rinuccini

  Thessy Schoenholzer Nichols writes in italian about uniting lace to fabric, a theme which has been neglected so far. Such sewings became a necessitiy from the moment when collars and cuffs became visible, around the middle of 16th c. and later. Not only shirts show these connexions but also household linens and liturgical textiles.

In her article the author draws and describes 15 different ways to join small lace borders to the fabric. Her beautiful and simple drawings show clearly each single step of the union including a front- and backview of fabric and laces. Included are also description of how the work has to be done, with hipotesis of why certain choices rather than others have been made and several photographs of original borders and fabric, illustrating the seams.

  drawing No 2
connexion of lace with straight border onto the border of a fabric

  drawing No 13
connexion of lace onto a fabric embroidered with single faggot stitch


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