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  La chasuble de David de Bourgogne,
un chef d'oeuvre de l'Art Textile, par Françoise Pirenne
in: Feuilles de la Cathédrale de Liège, No 61-68, p. 23 - 58, 2002

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Vestment of David de Bourgogne, bishop of Utrecht from 1456 to 1483, natural son of Philipp Le Bon. This chasuble was made between the 3rd quarter and the end of 15th c.
It belongs to the masterpieces of the cathedral of Liège, earlier probably in the old cathedral St. Lambert. A cope and 2 dalmatics are preserved in Utrecht, in Rijksmuseum Het Catharijneconvent.

The fabric is a red velvet from Venice:
"relevé et ciselé sur fond lancé de filé or"
The orphreys show 11 scenes of the passion of Christ, embroidered in a very high quality, probably after designs of Hans Memling (around 1440-1496).

There are no documents about such a commission, it is only known that Memling has been working for the Duke's family.
Each piece has two shields with coat of arms of David de Bourgogne and his device: "Altijt Bereit".



Entering into Jerusalem


Ressurrection of Christ

  The small scenes embroidered in coloured silks and gold are worked in a slight relief. The long and slender figures appear in an architectural framework. They wear contemporary garments in coloured silks, Christ is often representred in gold.
The scenes and figures can be compared to details of Memlings Passion Panorama.



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