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Design and the Decorative Arts, Britain 1500 - 1900
by Michael Snodin and John Styles, London 2001
488 pages, richly illustrated with coloured photographs
ISBN 1-85177-349-5

V&A Publications
160 Brompton Road
London SW3 1HW

  Textiles during the centuries are treated together with furniture, silver ware and other items of applied arts


the three sections:
Tudor and Stuart Britain, 1500-1714
Georgian Britain, 1714-1837
Victorian Britain, 1837 - 2901
are subdivided in: Introduction, Style, Who led Taste, Fashionable Living

some titles of chapters by different authors are:
in section I ) - Tudor and Stuart Monarchs, Renaissance, The Baroque in England,
Court of Henry VIII, Textiles for the Home, Skills from Europe, Goods from the Indies, The Book

in section II) - Rococo Style, Neo-Classicism,
Fashion Magazines, Spitalfields Silks, The Printed Illustrated Catalogue, Printed Textiles.

in section III) - Queen Victoria, The Gothic Revival,
Arts and Crafts, Great Exibition, William Morris, The Dining Table, Christopher Dresser, The Photograph

chasuable 1480-1538
a pre-Reformation priest's vestment, embroidery on linen applied to the velvet with silver-gilt and silk threads with sequins embroidered in England


hanging on a bed, 1680
at Doddington Hall, Lincolnshire, Crewelwork

detail of a cushion cover, 1640-70
elements have been taken from English prints. Nonprofessional embroidery over outlines drawn by a professional patteern-drawer. Linen canvas embroidery in wool and silk. VAM 443-1865


Vase and cover, 1888-98, designed by William De Morgan, earthenware, painted in lustre on a blue background. VAM C.413-1919

detail of a curtain, designed 1896,
designed by C.F.A. Voysey. Sold through Liberty & Co. Woven wollen double cloth. VAM Circ. 886-1967


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