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  Bildteppiche, Presentation of three tapestries,by Anne Wanner, in: catalogue of the Oskar Reinhart collection, Römerholz, Winterthur, Switzerland, Basel 2003, p. 567 - 570
712 pages, 25 x 30 cm, 237 colour illustrations and 251 black and white illustrations, text in german
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  Tapestry with the "life of shepherds"

the main subject of this tapestry in gobelin technique seems to be the putting to pasture of shep. Moreover there are in the centre three pairs playing several games which are presently not known. The top of the tapestry shows hunters on horses and sportsmen with dogs. On top at the left side a wall and buildings can be made out.

detail of tapestry, Tournai, begin 16th c.
whole tapestry: 350 x 498 cm, Inv.No 1937.1

  Fragment of tapestry with unknown coat of arms

wild woman and man holding coat of arms, end of 15th c.
117 x 112,5cm, Inv.No 1948.2

  Saint Anna and other Saints

St. Anne with Christ and her mother Marie are represented in the center of this embroidered tapestry. On the right hand side there are the saints St. Lorence and St. Blasius, on the left hand side St. Stephanus and St. Christopherus.

Some other tapestries show similarities, like the one bearing the date of 1588 in the Historic Museum of Thurgau, Frauenfeld, and anotherone in Villingen-Schweningen (southern Germany).
There might have been a center of embroidery in convents in the Rhine region of northern Switzerland and Schwarzwald (South of Germany).

detail of embroidered tapestry, around 1520
103 x 251 cm, Inv.No 1931.3


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