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The Techniques of Indian Embroidery, by Anne Morrell, Manchester 1995
Interweave Press, Inc. 201 East Fourth Street, Loveland, Colorado 80537, USA, in english,
144 p., many pictures in colour and black and white, diagrams of stitches

ISBN 1-883010-08-X

  Anne Morell describes in 8 chapters the old and historic stitches which were used in India. She gives a historic survey on the development of these stitches, describes alterations and the embroidery which is still done in India today.
It is more than a practical handbook and it is useful for embroiderers as well as for textile historians who want to identify indian embroidery.

Detail of embroidered muslin gold work. Sample collected by Dr. Forbes Watson in the mid-1860s, Madras. Harris Museum and Art Gallery Preston.


Embroidery with hook, Gujarat, Kutch, 19th c., Elizabeth Bayley Willis coll., Henry Art Gallery University of Washington


Historical background
1 Embroidery stitches
2 Quilting, darning and pattern-darning
3 Counted-thread work
4 Whitework
5 Mirror work

6 Metal work
7 Embroidery with a hook
8 Appliqué and patchwork
Stitch techniques
Further reading
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