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Il filo degli angeli, tessuti liturgici ricamati delle chiese del territorio di Bagno a Ripoli dal XVI al XX secolo, a cura di Laura Casprini, Roberto Lunardi, Firenze 2004, in italian language, 231 pages, 32 colour pictures, black and white pictures, drawings

ISBN 88-8304-716-8

sede legale: Via Santa Maria, 27/r,
50124 Firenze - Tel. 055.233.7702


  Catalogue of the exhibition with the same title at
Orario di Santa Caterina delle Ruote, Ponte a Ema, Bagno a Ripoli,
23 of April until 6 of June 2004. The exhibition will be shown in the comune of Signa in 2005.
  A study was made in many churches of small places around Florence,
in the district of Bagno a Ripoli. The places names are: Antella, Villamagna, Osteria Nuova, Vicchio di Rimaggio, Paterno, Cappanuccia, Vacciano, Candeli, Ponte a Ema.

Chalice veil, 2nd half 18th c.
Pieve di Santa Maria, Bagno a Ripoli, Antella

Chalice veil, end of 17th c.
Chiesa di San Lorenzo, Bagno a Ripoli, Vicchio di Rimaggio


Palla, second quarter 19th c. , Pieve di San Donnino,
Bagno a Ripoli, Villamagna

Palla, mid 19th c., Pieve di San Donnino,
Bagno a Ripoli, Villamagna

  The catalogue describes 58 liturgic textiles with a photograph and a very accurate description of every liturgic object.
Among others there are chalice veils: one of the 17th c., one of the 18th c. and one of the 19th c.
Also on show are 4 chasubles, one of the 17th c., two of the 18th c. and one of the 19th c., pallas mainly of the 19th c., altarcloths and more.

In a second part several articles deal with embroidery in general. A description with drawings of the all the embroidery stitches used, as well as thoughts about their historic development can be found. Old authors and their works about embroidery are transcribed.

  There are Texts of the following authors:
Cennino Cennini, P. Alex Paganino, Matthio Pagan, Tommaso Garzoni, Charles Germain de Saint-Aubin, Mme Elisabeth Celnart.

There is a glossary with the explanations of the kind of the exposed textiles and also about liturgic colours. In another addition the meaning of some of the represented symbols is explained.

A list with all the model books from 1523 until modern times and magazines of the 19th c. and 20th c. is compiled as well.

Finally there is a bibliography of embroidery books in italian and other languages.


Detail of chasuble, first half of 17th c.,
Chiesa di San Lorenzo, Bagno a Ripoli, Vicchio di Rimaggio

Chasuble, first quarter of 18th c.,
Chiesa di San Pietro, Bagno a Ripoli, Ponte a Ema


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