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  Die Fergger - zwischen Auftraggebern und Heimarbeitenden, von Albert Spycher, Herisau 2003, in german language, 161 pages, many coloured and black and white pictures.
ISBN: 3-85882-358-9


The text about the agent between exporters of fabrics and the homeworkers is devided into 4 parts:

Part 1
Historical part
with explanations of names and terms.

Part 2
About the carrier of woven fabrics in the Canton of Appenzell. Here Ulrich Braeker is named. And also some specialities of woven fabrics like the "Plattstich Weberei" and the silk fabrics used in mills ("Seidenbeuteltuch").

Part 3
About the agents between the exporters of embroidered fabrics and the homeworkers in the eastern part of Switzerland.

Part 4
The agents in todays factories with reports and interviews. Here also agents in other parts of Switzerland are treated.

Appendix with sources and bibliography


The carrier of fabrics (in german called the "Fergger"),
who acts as an agent between the factory owner,
(or the exporter of textiles) and the homeworker.



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