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Segni di storie private Segni di Storia. Abiti a Palazzo Jatta, Preface by Alvar Gonzales-Palacios,
by Roberta Orsini Landini, Maria Pia Pettinau Vescia,
Foggia 2005, ISBN 88-8431-161-6
104 pages, c. 68 colour illustrations, 24 x 31 cm, in italian and english, Euro 35.00

Claudio Grenzi Editore,
Via Le Maestre 71,
71 100 Foggia, Italy

Tel. 039.881.712141
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The Jatta family from the Southern Italian town of Ruvo (near Bari) still live in the family palace of the same name, which is well-known for its private archaeological museum, which is now a National Museum. The family home contains a textile and garment collection, comprising men's and women's wear, fashion accessories and furnishings from the 18th to the 20th centuries.

The collection holds relics from the Jatta and Bonelli families, and is worthy of the attention not only of specialists in the sector but of anyone who is interested in finding out more about aristocratic wear in Apulia and southern Italy as a whole. The essays by Roberta Orsini Landini and Maria Pia Pettinau Vescina are published in both Italian and English. Well-researched analytical entries can be read at several different levels.


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