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"Quattro tessuti ricamati del Rinascimento italiano" nel New Hampshire (Four Embroidered Textiles from the Renaissance in New Hampshire)", by Schab, Frederick G., in: Accademia Raffaello, Atti e Studi, 2005.2, pp. 35-46.

  contribution by Rosalia Bonito Fanelli
The article treats four Renaissance embroideries in a private American collection. Although the original provenance is unknown Frederick Schab, who is a prints and drawings expert, has made an attribution by comparison with similar embroideries and has called attention to comparable drawings from the Raphaelesque artistic circle. For further study from the standpoint of a textile historian, Rosalia Bonito Fanelli has been requested to complete the research.


Raffaello, testo d'angelo,
cortesia Musée du Louvre

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