ANNE WANNER'S Textiles in History / books

  Contemporary International Fiber Art, from Lausanne to Beijing,
3rd International Fiber Art Biennale (Shanghai) Catalogue, reproduction of works of textile art created by chinese and international todays artists, 242 pages, many color and black and white photographs, english translations. 2004
ISBN: 7-112-06994-7 TU 6235 (12948) Edited by Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University
  From China there were 80, from Korea 26, from Japan 12, from Bangladesh 2, from Australia 2, from US-America 12, from Canada 2 participants.
From Europe there were artists from Sweden 1, from Norway 5, from Finland 5, from Denmark 1, from Latvia 6, from Lithuania 2, from Germany 5, from Austria 2.
And from Georgia there were 3 artists participating.




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