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  Sperimentazioni Tessili, da Trame d'autore alla Collezione Civica di Fiber Art - Chieri
Textile experiments. From trame d'Autore to the Civic collection of Fiber Art - Chieri
a cura di Silvana Nota, Celid, Torino, March 2008, 95 pages, color and black and white fotos, english summary, Euro 20.00
ISBN 88-7661-793-0 and 978-88-7661-793-5 -

work by Martha Nieuwenhuijs, Folla, 1996, 110x197 cm

  Patirzia Picchi, councellor for Cultural Resources,
Town of Chieri:
...the experience of Fiber art has brougth to Chieri international artists who have introduced a system of relationships in which artistic research, choice of materials, manual skills and imagination converse in harmony to create these works.
Following the editions in which the call for selection of the artists was followed by an exhibition of the works produced, the 2008 edition will be based on what has been achieved so far, presenting to the public the complete corpus of the Collection.

Agostino Gay, Mayor of Cittą di Chieri
explains in his foreword amongst others:
... it is important to emphasise the efforts of Maria Francesca Garnero and Silvana Nota, respectively organiser and curator of the Biennial. .. their efforts have been fundamental to the success of the exhibition. In fact, together with the staging, the relationship with the artists has been crucial. Some of them, in particular Silvia Heyden and Antonietta Airoldi, have offered their experience to make Chieri an international reference for fiber art.....




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