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Underkläder (Underwear), Britta Hammar and Pernilla Rasmussen

252 pages, hardback, illustrated. Format 220 x 230mm.
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  Press Release:
Underwear is the first thing we put on in the morning and the last thing we take off in the evening. We wear underwear closest to the body, and all of us relate to it in some way. Underwear serves practical functions such as protection, support and warmth. Changing fashions have resulted in underwear that either highlights the body (e.g. the push-up bra) or keeps the body prisoner (e.g. the corset). Underwear was for a long time referred to as ”unmentionables”.

Underkläder (Underwear) is a vivid, innovativer and detailed cultural history of the development of undergarments from the 18th century and onwards. Changing fashions, commerce, production, different textile materials, ideals of beauty and theories of hygiene are treated. It is a pleasure to read this beautifully illustrated book.

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