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  Trésors de la Gaule chrétienne: histoire et restauration des reliques textiles de saint Césaire d'Arles; by Anastasia Ozoline
Editions du musée départemental Arles antique, 2008, Purchase price : € 28.00

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Le Conseil général-des-Bouches-du-Rhône and le musée départemental Arles antique are pleased to announce  the museum library is sole authorized distributor for the Anastasia Ozoline book.
This publication enjoys financial backing from Ministry of Culture and Communication, through the Cultural Affairs Regional Direction PACA.
  Press release:
The restoration of ancient and archeological textiles is the very connecting thread of this work which is not intended only for specialists. To the contrary, we hope through this work to open wide the workshop doors to the reader so as to be able to show him how the restorer works, step by step, from the examination of objects to the study of their often complex history where he sometimes has to confront the hypotheses of historians to his own direct observations—he who has the great privilege to be able to handle the objects, study them through a magnifying glass, and “operate” on them much like a surgeon, with the single goal of prolonging their existence, and with the single precaution of not betraying their precious past.

The whole of the textile relics attributed to St. Caesarius (470-542) consists of a tunic but also two wool palliums protected by silk envelopes.
The absolutely exceptional nature of the fabrics to be restored comes from the fact that, far from being anonymous as is often the case, these fabrics can be specifically traced back to this bishop who was one of the great theological, pastoral and political figures of the 6th century Gaul.
Rarely have simple wool fabrics, decorated with a little silk, had such historic importance. In such a case, how can we not be touched by the eminent personality of St. Caesarius, by the rarity of such high Middle Ages vestments, and by the message they bring to us about a transitional period between Antiquity and the Christian Middle Ages?

Anastasia Ozoline is holder of a qualification from Patrimonial national Institute textile restoration department since 1998.

At present and since the autumn of the year 2001, she dedicates herself to islamic textiles study and textiles restoration of the Musée Bénaki large collection.

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Please contact Mrs Maryse Roche
in charge of the
Museum library


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