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  Splendor and Pageantry: Textile Treasures from the Armenian Orthodox Churches of Istanbul by Ronald Marchese,Marlene Breu and the Armenian Patriarchate of Istanbul (Citlembik Publications, 2011). 
  Press release, TSA:
Splendor and Pageantry
is a lavishly illustrated volume and represents the first-ever, in-depth examination of the Armenian textiles housed in the treasury of the Armenian Patriarchate in Istanbul, Turkey.
The collection features artifacts dating back some 300 years and includes embroidered liturgical vestments, altar curtains, copes and miters gathered from the churches that served the Armenian community.  Richly embroidered silks and velvets are embellished with gold and silver threads and pearls and feature a variety of motifs including minutely detailed crucifixion motifs.  The volume represents a unique and important contribution to the study of textiles, Armenian history, and the material culture of religion.

ISBN: 9944424781   DDC: 200   Edition: Paperback; 2011-03-1



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