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Monica Vroon informs
about Chalice veils of Schatzkammer Aachen

Chalice veils of Aachen:(see also Newsletter Nr. 15)

The Schatzkammer is not a museum. Its collection is the remains of textiles that were, and sometimes are still, actively used in everyday church-life.

177 chalice veils. 50 are partly embroidered and 14 embroidered all over.
Most of them are probably german, 23 made of french silk, 1 is english

one chalice veil with date, (T0114) it was made in 1712

chalice veil (T0114), 1712

chalice veil 1725, Ursulines? Germany?

In the collection of the Schatzkammer there are some more embroidered and dated or datable items:

Monica sent photos with a hypothesis of where one or the other were made.

- The Altarfrontal of Mechernich (T03002) is interesting in that it is surly made in the same workshop as the altarfrontals that Karen Stolleis wrote about and that was mentioned in Newsletter no. 10, page 9. It is dated 1621.

- Blumenpracht Ornat, Dom Aachen, St. Folian Aachen (T00518-19), Chalice veil 1725, Ursulines?, Germany?

- Kölner Kasel (T01140), Dom Aachen, 1598

- Bursa (T02510), Dom Aachen, 1723

Bursa 1723, Ursulines?, Germany?

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