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chalice veils in the collection of Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

information sent by Pat Griffiths

Nr Inv.Nr. meas(cm) technique origin date
1 BK-1967-31 56 x 56 linen, cross in each corner, satin stitch; edged bobbin lace   1600-1625
2 BK-BR-647-E 57 x 52 yellow satin, embr. silk and metal thread, part of set   1730s
3 BK-BR-929 61.5 x 63. * silk embr. in coloured silk and metal thread   c.1800
4 BK-BR-930 60 x 63 * silk embr. in coloured silk in satin and stem stitch   c.1800
5 BK-BR-931 60 x 61 * silk embr. in gold thread, couched work, stem stich   c.1800

* on loan from Stichting Twickel (country house in the east of the Netherlands)

1) BK-1967-31

3) BK-BR-929

5) BK-BR-931

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