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chalice veils of the collection of Eremitage Museum, St. Peterburg, Russia

Tatiana Kossourova of Eremitage, St. Peterburg

8 chalice veils, embroidered
3 German, 2 Spain, 2 Italy, 1 western Europe
Nr Inv.Nr. former collection technique origin date
1 T 3803 Stieglitz collection embroidery on red silk, lining; chasuble, bursa, stole, maniple Germany 18th c.
2 T 2241 early collection embroidery on green silk, lining; with bursa ? 19th c.
3 T 6377 Stieglitz coll. ?, embroidery on linen, no lining Germany 18th c.
4 T 15118 collection ? embroidery on linen, no lining western Europe 19th c.
5 T 4099 Krauth collection maybe part of shawl ?  
6 T 2230 bought 1896 embroidery on linen, no lining Spain end 16th
7 T 2228 Stieglitz coll. ?, embroidery on both sides Italy or Spain 17th
8 T 3344 Stieglitz coll.?, embroidery on white silk, lining Spain 17th
9 T 2598 Krauth collection maybe no chalice veil    
10 T 2698 bought 1896 embroidery on red velvet Italy late 16th
a collection of chalice veils with woven fabric is going to be inventarised and will be published in Internet and one of the next Newsletters.

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