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Questions about chalice veils:
it is always possible to answer any questions


The number of chalice veils in the collections

- the first question (asked the first time in Newsletter No 11)
If you have chalice veils in your collection, please write to the Newsletter how many altogether,
the techniques and the places of origin

Great Britain:
  Clare Browne of V&A, London:
111 chalice veils of which 58 embroidered, 16 lace, 36 fabric, 1 painted
62 Italian, 22 English, 13 French, 6 Spain, 3 German, 1 Russian, 1 Armenian, 1 Flemish

Margaret Swain, vestments at Traquair
15 chalice veils
, english, of which 6 embroidered, 9 fabric
one can be dated to 1688

Margaret Swain, Royal Museum of Scotland
1 chalice veil, scotish, embroidered, one of the few
pre Reformation pieces to have survived

  Monica Vroon: Aachen, Schatzkammer (collection of textiles that were, and sometimes
still are actively used in everyday church-life:
177 chalice veils. 50 are partly embroidered and 14 embroidered all over.
Most of them are probably german, 23 made of french silk, 1 is english

Dela von Boeselager, Koeln:
2 chalice veils, cathedral of Koeln, now exposed in the
Castle of Augustusburg, Brühl, see contribution Newsletter 13/ 11

Gudrun Sporbeck of Schnuetgen Museum, Koeln:
44 chalice veils, embroidered, see contribution Newsletter 13/ 7
10 Italian, 8 French, 26 german

Birgitt Borkopp of Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, Munich
16 chalice veils, 8 embroidered, 7 fabric, 1painted linen
1 Italian, 3 France, 8 Germany (?), 4 South Germany

Rainer Y of Wuerttembergisches Landesmuseum, Stuttgart,
17 chalice veils of which 2 Italian, 6 German, 1 German with date, 7 other

Ute-Christiane Bergemann, Kunstsammlungen der Stiftung Preussische Schlosser und Garten Berlin-Brandenburg,
1 chalice veil,
Italy (?) around 1700

Angela Volker and Blanda Winter: MAK: museum of applied Arts:
62 chalice veils, 33 embroidered, 24 fabric, 3 lace, 2 printed:

embroidered veils: 11 Austria, 6 Alp region, 4 Germany, 8 Europe, 4 Italy
woven veils: 20 France, 1 Europe, 1 Germany, 2 Italy
lace: 1 Venice, 1 Netherlands, 1 Norge
printed veils: 2 Austria

  Danièle Denise, Musée et Domaine nationaux du château de Fontainebleau (France)
1 chalice veil, two sided, embroidered, France

Marie Jo de Chaignon, of Musée des Tissus, Lyon
24 chalice veils, 11 embroidered, 13 fabric,
3 Lyon, 18 France, 1 Spain, 1 Austria/Italy, 1 unknown

Christine Aribaud of Musée Paul Dupuy, Toulouse
31 chalice veils, 6 embroidered, 25 fabric
all french (Toulouse) see contribution Newsletter 13/ 8,9,10

  Tatiana Kossourova of Eremitage, St. Peterburg
8 chalice veils, embroidered
3 German, 2 Spain, 2 Italy, 1 western Europe

  Anne Wanner of Textilmuseum St.Gallen, Switzerland
79 chalice veils of which 43 embroidered, 5 lace, 31 fabric
22 Italian, 16 French, 1 Spanish, 12 Swiss, 1 German, 2 Austrian, 1 Russian,
1 East European, 1 Flemish, and some with unknown origin

Alex Claude of Historisches Museum of Zug, Switzerland
20 chalice veils, of which 8 embroidered, 11 fabric, 4 with date
all swiss, partly from church of St. Michael, Zug

Regula Hahn of Rätisches Museum of Chur, Switzerland
24 chalice veils, of which 12 embroidered, 2 printed, 10 fabric, 1 with date
probably Swiss or Italian

Regula Schorta of Abegg-Stiftung, Riggisberg

  Zoe Perkins of the Saint Louis Art Museum, Forest Park, St. Louis, MO 63122USA
1 chalice veil
: linen, needlelace, from Venice, Italy, 2nd quarter of 17th cent.

  Charlotte Paludan, Danske Kunstindustri Museet, Kobenhavn,
1 modern chalice veil, only one in the collection, designed and executed by Gertie Wandel
made around 1939 for a church near Copenhagen, in memory for a deceased brother

chalice veils with dates
- the 2nd question: (asked the first time in Newsletter No 12)
there seem to be very few pieces with a date embroidered.
Could you send some information, maybe photographs, of the chalice veils with dates?
  England: V&A, London:
no chalice veil with date

Scotland: vestments at Traquair:
1 veil can be dated to 1688

Scotland: Royal Museum of Scotland
1 chalice veil, one of the frew pre Reformation pieces to gave survived

Germany: Württembergisches Landesmuseum, Stuttgart
1 german chalice veil with date

Germany: Schnuettgen Museum, Koeln
P 79 silk embroidery, Germany 1686
P 491 silk embroidery, Italy 1644

Germany: Schatzkammer, Aachen
T0114, one chalice veil with date, it was made in 1712

Austria: MAK, Vienna
1 austrian veil with date: 1776
3 german veils with dates: 1600, 1676, 1746
2 alp region veils with dates: 1789, 1792
1 european veil with date: 1625
1 printed veil (Linz, Austria) with date: 1818
1 veil with lace with date (Norge): 1951

France: Musée Paul Dupuy, Toulouse
Manaud Troy for bishop Bruno de Ruade, Toulouse, 1635

Russia: Eremitage, St. Peterburg
no chalice veil with date

Switzerland: Textilmuseum St.Gallen,
no chalice veil with date

Switzerland: Historic Museum of Zug
Nr. 1495, Saint Oswald, H. Casp. Vilig., Swiss, Zug 1658
Nr. 1496, Holy Family, C + F, Swiss, Zug 1679
Nr. 1497, Saint Barbara, C.F., Swiss, Zug 1677
Nr. 1498, Arma Christi, C.F., Swiss, Zug 1685

Switzerland: Rätisches Museum, Chur
Inv. XII 2.9, printed on linen, 1815

Denmark: Danske Kunstindustri Museet, Kobenhavn,
1 chalice veil, made around 1939

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