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Beware of Embroidery
modern embroideries of the artist Tilleke Schwarz

The artist shows an overview of her textile work in a solo-exhibition

15 September to January 2001


  Tilleke Schwarz,
Westlaan 19,
NL-2641 DS Pijnacker,
The Netherlands

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Academy for Arts and Industry, Enschede, general arts and textile design
Free Academy for Modern Art, The hague, textile experiments, drawing and painting
Many group and solo exhibitions all over the world
1990 winner of the European Anchor Award for Embroidery Design
many publications

  Tilleke Schwarz about her work:
I love textiles because of their tactile qualities. Textile generally has more intimate relationship with the public and is very suitable to communicate emotions.
Folkart and daily life are great sources for inspiration.
Each work contains many images, icons and texts.
This results in contemporary embroidery with a graffiti-character.
With the work different thoughts are expressed that relate to one another on several levels.
"Welcome to the real world"
handembroidery and stitching on linen, cotton and silk yarns, 66 x 68 cm, framed (embroidered part 55 x 53 cm), 2001
The title refers to the presidential elections in the USA. George Bush used to dream last year about a great victory, but was confronted with a lot of discussion if he was elected legally.
Nasdaq went down.

There is exciting textile news: in Switzerland the first machine-stitched stamp has been produced.

And some local news too of course: an add in which Hajo Jongepier looks for people with asthma from the Dutch province of Friesland.

  My work contains many images and icons in combination with texts. By combining them in a new way new meanings may occur. This way a multitude of thoughts are expressed that relate to one another on several levels. That way it invites you to reflect on our modern life as we are confronted with an abundance of images and information. In dealing with all this information we cannot always understand and be conscious of everything we experience. But I hope that the poetry will communicate even before it is understood (free interpretation of T.S. Eliot).

"TALES" (Photo: Rob Mostert)

Hand embroidery with silk, cotton and rayon yarn on linen cloth, pieces of material, lace and textile paint, 62 x 63 cm

"TALES" is about the stories people tell to one another. The work consists of little texts and images from daily life. The visitor may connect these images and give it his or her personal meaning. One can combine texts in different ways and see how the meaning changes. When visiting London Zoo a sign said: 'London zoo would like to thank Sir Anthony Hopkins for sponsoring an anoa'. I loved the text especially since I never heard of an anoa. Another text is on a nursery rhyme and there is a box for dog waste (from a London park). The top of the work refers to a wedding.

The text also refers to the textile tradition and questions the definition of a sampler.

And being fond of cats, there had to be a cat in this work.

"Loosing our memory"
"Loosing our memory" is about information and communication, major issues in approaching the year 2000. Administrations need to be milleniumproof and to prepare for the euro.

There also is a hidden crises in the digital information age. The risk of "losing our memory" because we cannot use digital archives due to problems with preservation and fast changes in hard- and software. Information is more essential than ever for humanity to really communicate. That includes information about the past, the present and the future.


"Racing thoughts, detail"


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