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Textile Treasures: Caring for a Collection

24 November 2001 until 7 April 2002

  the exhibition concentrates on the large pieces which cannot be show elsewhere very easily.

The exhibition is an opportunity to get out on display some of the museums
larger embroidered domestic textiles, centred around the 1719 wall hangings which were aquired in 1988. Around this there are other examples of crewelwork from the collection as well as some quilts and the wonderful c.1620 English carpet. 

  The conservation of the pieces will be highlighted, as a very generous donation was received to help to do the work.
  As an introduction to amateur needlework of this kind there is a sampler and a casket of the mid 17th century.  The professional embroiderer is represented by the two panels from Edmund Harrison's Life of the Virgin, dated 1637. Unusual pieces are a valance from Iceland, and two altar frontals from Epirus, Greece, all 18th century.

As a more general introduction to the collection
there will be a book which is called

Textile Treasures:
an introduction to the decorative textiles for home and church in the National Museums of Scotland. 

It is in full colour and shows most of the items which will be in the exhibition plus others. It will be published by NMS Publishing in time for the exhibition. It will be in full colour and the price is 14.99.  

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