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Wir bitten zu Tisch
"Dinner is served!"

24 October to 3 March 2002

  The exhibition displays select objects from the Museum's large collections dating from the time of the Renaissance to the early 20th century. The diversity of textile techniques and materials used is impressive: table linen made of linen itself, of cotton, silk and mixed fabrics is lovingly embroidered, elaborately woven, and adorned with a wealth of open-work lace techniques. The wide variety of ornaments includes vegtable, geometrical and figurative motifs.

Select dinner services and cutlery, etc. (loans from the Swiss National Museum and the Johann Jacobs Museum, both in Zurich, and from St.Gallen's Historical Museum) point to the historical cultural context of textile table culture: they show how closely table linen used to be linked to the table manners prevalent at any given time, to the owners' social status, and to their representational requirements.

Table linen enabled its owners to demonstrate luxury and affluence; it was an expression of good taste and of a cultivated household, in the period from the mid-19th to the mid-20th centuries, it was an important symbolic part of the "trousseau", and the emboidering of monograms was regarded as an educationally valuable activity.

  A sumptuously laid table from the time of the "belle époque" constitutes the centrepiece ot the exhibition and serves to illustrate and bring the theme to life.
The inauguration of the exhibition will coincide with the publication of "Der gedeckte Tisch, zur Geschichte der Tafelkultur", by Andreas Morel and other qualified experts, which is rich in colour illustrations.
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