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Lissy Funk

Mutter und Tochter

Rosina Kuhn

16 November to 16 December 2001

  The exhibition shows few works of the renowned textile artist. The daughters paintings and portraits can be admired as well.

There is a video from summer 2001 about Lissy Funks tapestry in the cathedral of Schaffhausen, Switzerland. At the occasion of the 50th anniversary of this work of art Lissy Funk herself explains the origin of the hanging.

detail of hanging in the
cathedral of Schaffhausen

  Lissy Funks development underwent at that time a major stylistic change. Using sharp lines, she created geometric compartments in which cubistic figures appear. At first glance, pieces resemble large pen-and-ink drawings filled with doodles.

The evolution of Funk's abstract style was slow and painful. She was clearly struggling to break through to an original form of artistic expression within her chosen medium. By the mid-1960s she began to find her visual language. Now she moved increasingly toward abstraction.

early abstract embroidery, 1968

detail of embroidery, 1968


In the years after 1976 Funk began to produce small-scale, calling them Minis. They provide the artist with relief from the stresses involved in producing her larger tapestries. Because the large hangings generally can be acquired by only a few individuals, she is able to reach a wider audience with these smaller, more affordable works.

detail of embroidery, 1980


And even at ninty-two Lissy Funk remains active, her head spinning with new ideas.
Her oeuvre reveals her to be an extraordinary artist who draws, sculpts, etches, and paints with needle and thread. Her style, compositions, and forms of execution are her own. She does not belong to a movement or school. She has stood and will continue to stand alone. She remains untouched by this age of instant creations and instant results. Lissy Funk has become a giant within her chosen field.


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