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"Paths of Infinity"

Textile works of Marialuisa Sponga

June 26th to August 11th, 2002


"paths of infinity" 2000-2002
179cm x 405 cm

quilted with sewing machine, cotton, polyester, copper fabric, plastique, gauze, cellophane, thread and fabric treated


Paths of Infinity

Australia fascinated me for its immense space, for the feeling of freedom and I was captivated by the light and by the magical colours that the rocks took on at sunrise or at sunset. Above all going round the mythical Ayers Rock, Uluru = Mother Earth for the Aborigines. I could feel its sacredness, it transmitted mystery and religiosity to me, it struck me in all its grandeur: as if faced with a magnificent cathedral. All of this, surrounded by the desert that at that moment was flowering and fragrant.

In these maps, "Paths of Infinity" I wanted to portray and transmit the immensity of these spaces which moved me so much.

Marialuisa Sponga, artista tessile, Milano, Italia

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