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Limmatquai, Zuerich


Exhibition Information
opening hours of "Wasserkirche":
Thuesday afternoon 2 to 5 pm
Wednesday afternoon 2 to 5 pm

services in "Wasserkirche"
Saturday start at 6 pm
Sunday start at 6 pm


exhibition of wall tapestry

" W o l k e n " (clouds)

by Barbara Kuhn

21 January until 21 April 2003


Vernissage Saturday 15th February 2003

from 11 am until 1 pm



  The artist moved from Chalet Blanc in Savigny, VD (Switzerland) to her new workshop at Hinter-Saedel at Gibswil, ZH (Switzerland). First studies for this tapestry were already made in Chalet Blanc and after her movement to the region of Zuerich it was finished.

This work of textile art was very important to the artist and today she is able to say:
"Now I have arrived in my new home and I am looking forward to show to all friends this tapestry in the church in the centre of Zuerich".

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