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Permanent exhibition
of old textiles and works of art.

Address: Werner Abegg-Strasse 67
CH-3132 Riggisberg

tel: ++41 (0)31 808 12 01
fax: ++41 (0)31 808 12 00
opening hours:
29 May - 16 November 2003
Monday to Sunday, in the afternoon
Guided tours (45 minutes) in small
groups of maximum 5 persons.
Visit by prior arrangement only

V I L L A - A B E G G

  Villa Abegg

When the Abegg-Stiftung was founded in 1961, Werner and Margaret Abegg already had plans to open their home to the public at some future date.

Villa Abegg, which was completed at the end of the 1960's, was planned to complement and augment the institute's collections in terms of the period and nature of its contents. Its achitecture follows the North Italian Baroque as represented by the school of Filippo Juvara (1678-1736), and the formal gardens and fountains stand in a similar tradition.

  The representational rooms on the ground floor are furnished with historic wall-panels and furniture, as well as appropriate decorations such as valuable paintings and tableware. The Renaissance Room, for example, boasts an impressive late-Gothic painted wooden ceiling, while the charming Mirror Cabinet radiates the intimate character of a rococo salon. Yet another room is decicated to Venice, with glass chandeliers, boiseries with glass inserts and a grand bird's-eye view of the city. Villa Abegg retains the character of a home, that visitors may visit in small guided groups, a littel like invited guests.


Entrance Hall in Piedmont baroque style


The Renaissance Room with timber ceiling from Spain, around 1500

Chinese Wallpaper in the small dining room, 2nd half 18th century


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