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7th International Triennial of Mini-Textiles

18. Juni - 07. September 2003


For the fourth time in Angers, the contemporary tapestry museum was organising and holding the international triennial of mini-textiles. The chosen theme proposed to the artists was : "Order or Chaos: what is the boundary ?"

Each artist has presented a piece of work made of thread, or the impression of thread, of which the dimensions must not exceed 12 x 12 x 12 cm (surface or volume).

508 candidates
from throughout the world have competed. They sent two different slides of their work, which a jury viewed last April. The jury was made up by four persons. They had the difficult task to make a selection out of all the pieces sent to Angers.

69 works have been kept back. The majority of the participants are European : French, German, Dutch, Polish, Italian etc… but they also come from the USA, Latin America, Australia, Japan…

It is the first time, that this exhibition can be shown in Switzerland. The Textilmuseum St. Gallen, Switzerland is very proud that it got the special opportunity to show these works in its rooms.

  This Triennial, through these small works of art, provides an update on today’s contemporary creation, with contacts ranging from well known artists to lesser known or completely unknown artists all from different generations.

An exhibition catalogue as well as postcards are available

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