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director: Prof.Dr. Brigitte Tietzel

opening hours:
until 31 October:
tuesday - sunday 1am to 18pm
from November 1st:
tuesday - sunday 11 am to 5 pm
closed 24, 25 and 31 december

entrance fees:
adults: Euro 3.30
children, reduced: Euro 1.70

further reductions: see information

Licht und Farbe

light and colour

Tapestries of Artemis
and of Martha Kreutzer-Temming

12 October 2003 - 11 January 2004

  together with the exhibition 2 catalogues have been edited:

catalogues of the 2 artists:
- Artemis, Euro 8
- Martha Kreutzer-Temming, Euro 13

both catalogues together Euro 20


  This automns exhibition of the German Textile Museum shows two modern textile artists.

The french artist Artemis lives in Greece. Her tapestry series of twelve is worked after the Odysee. The light of the greek islands has influenced the colours of her creations.
The other series of four shows the unicorn. Here important to the artist is the mystic and symbolism of the fabulous animal.

  Martha Kreutzer-Temming lives in Cologne, Germany. She loves to show everyday subjects like tables, vessels, men. She also orientates herself on christian contents.
Her colours are not very bright, more important are fine nuances, and transparency of the fabric, the reduction to the absolute necessary.

Formally, both artists use an abstract language and can be compared to one another inspite of other discrepancies.



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