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Second European Quilt - Triennial

of the textile collection Max Berk, Heidelberg, Germany

21 April until 20 June 2004


detail of "Mimiquilt II: Ancestral Shadow"
by Mirjam Pet-Jacobs / NL (first price)


Exhibition concept in the St.Gallen Textile Museum

Owing to the great diversity of the works, the decision was made to exhibit the quilts according to the techniques used in their creation to the greatest possible extent, with the prize-winners being the exception to this rule. This means that overlaps cannot be avoided. Since the works were also intended to constitute a certain optical unity, they were also grouped according to forms and techniques.

Thus the quilts created by the three prize-winners (Mirjam Pet-Jacobs, Karen Fleming, Friderun Heil) are to be seen in the staircase.
On the right and on the left, there are two works which impress visitors with their joy derived from playing with materials and forms (Ursula Mehler, France Brechignac). On the first floor, the works displayed draw the onlookers' attention to particular surface designs achieved by means of appliqué techniques, machine and hand embroideries (Judith Mundwiler, Rosmarie Artmann-Graf, Ingeborg Merkel) or by means of double layers (Heidi Förster). Framed by quilts made with decoloured fabrics (Tiziana Tateo, Anne Woringer), the second landing is again dominated by the enjoyment of colours and forms (Jane Lloyd, Inge Hueber, Cosabeth Parriaud).
The second floor and the stairway up to the third floor are again characterised by colours, forms, and colouring (Elisabeth Gevrey, Ursula Gerber-Senger, Heide Stoll-Weber, Ann Fahy, Gabrielle Paquin) .

When visitors cross the exhibition hall from the left to the right, they will find a further "play on colours" (Erika Odemer), computer printing (Rita M. Lerch, Dirkje van der Horst-Beetsma) and photo transfer (Jutty Briehn). These are followed by works with painting, printing techniques, monotypie and screen printing (Agnes Bockel, Andreas Grigoleit, Beate Ruberg, Rosie Francis, Gisela Hafer).
The next quilts highlight typographical elements (Chantal Charmes, Anne Doustin, Greti Raffeiner, Cécile Trentini). Themes of contemporary relevance appear on the following three quilts (Margareta Wackerle, Anne Fleeton, Marlene Cohen). One portrait work points to the modelling character of quilting (Brigitte Perzl-Reinhard). This is followed by a painted surface structure (Inge Mardal).
Only one artist (Radoslawa Horbaczewska) dared to take a step towards three-dimensionality. The final quilt is a hand painted and chemical dyed one (Lia Flemings).

The 39 quilts are supplemented by works by two adjudicators (Olga Prins-Lukowski, Ursula Rauch).


Ursula Karbacher, lic. phil., Curator


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