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Around the Body

Distances from the Civic Collection of Fiber Art and contaminations fashion

15. May until 4 July 2004



  La Collezione Civica e gli artisti tessili tra corpo e anima

The Exhibition "Around the body. Distances from the Civic Collection of Fiber Art and contaminations fashion" takes some works as a starting point, works that belong to the Civic Collection of Fiber art of Chieri, that connect to the growing interest of textile artists around the body exploration and to its expressive possibilities with reference to the dress that envelops it. Prepared contemporaneously to the IV edition of the International Biennial of Fiber Art "Trame d'autore" (and included into the official calendar of the events that follow it), it reveals itself with the aim to show some fundamental features of this research, which developments open to various readings.

The Civic collection instead, is always accomodated in this place, in a specific section. Twentysix works collected thanks to the gifts of artists who participated to the previous editions of Trame d'Autore and that resume anthologically the way of the Biennial, offering furthermore an opened window on the different expressive areas of textile art.

from an article by Silvana Nota



Gabrielle's new summer dress, 2002, by Fanny Viollet, France


Object II, 2001/2002, by Johanna Skurska, born in Poland

  The exhibition that shares, under the interesting title of "around the body", textile creations inspired, thought, suggested or realized around the expressive possibilities of the human body find in the expositive preparation in the show room Bonetto (place that accepts institutionally the more qualified furniture objects and trend design works) a particular visual connotation.

Art around the man and for man; fashion and design combine themselves to suggest renewed and up-to-date Bauhaus experiences where the artisan-artist and the artist-artisan repropose art objects projected and created between oneness


(the textile creations of the fourth international Fiber Art Biennial and of the Civic Collection of the city of Chieri) and mass production (creations belonging to the showroom "Bonetto Design Arredamento") where, near the technical knowldeges on the use of "machineries" accompany and combine aesthetical elements relative to the international imprint of the artist. 

The art works are been insert on purpose within design and furnitrure objects and products, only the works identificative tags develop the unifying function of connession.

from an article by Fiorenzo Tiberio


ONDE - 2002, by Katarina della Chiesa, Switzerland



Folla - 1996, by Martha Nieuwenhuijs


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