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galery ARS
Pieterskerkgracht 9a

2311 SZ LEIDEN , Netherlands

tel.:  +31(0)71 – 5140784

during the openings hours
usually one of the exhibiting artists
will be there to meet you.

opening hours:
friday to sunday: 13.00 to 17.00


bronze, ceramics an textiles, mixed techniques on paper, bronze, ceramics  
en textiles, mixed techniques on paper

 RIA van DIJK,   etching and batik

TILLEKE SCHWARZ   mixed techniques on paper and embroidery

6 November 2004 untill 29 November 2004


the exhibition will be opened
at Saturday afternoon November 6th  at 16.00 pm
by Els van Baarle (artist) the artists will be present



  - Does the choice of material influence the character of a work of art?
- Can one still recognize the personal ‘handwriting and style when an artist switches from paper to embroidery and batik?
- And does it make a difference when the basic material is sturdy or solid or rather soft and flexible?

We invite you to experience these (real and apparent) contrasts and to make up you own mind about these issues. Come and enjoy the work of three artists, who express themselves in textile and other mediums.

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