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Iranian flat weaves

27 of November 2004 until 31 July 2005


  Together with the exhibition there is a catalogue:
Isabella Studer-Geiser, Iranische Flachgewebe im Spiegel der Moderne, St. Gallen 2004, 62 pages, coloured illustrations,
ISBN 3-9520597-5-7

Sofreh, Kamu, around 1900

Sofreh, Kamu, around 1940


Parviz Tanavoli in his publication, The Sofreh of Kamo, Teheran 1998, distinguishes two kinds of Kamu-Sofrehs: "Each Kamoan family possesses two sofrehs, one for the dough called sofreh ardi (flour sofreh) and the other sofreh-ye nan or bread sofreh. The dough sophre is spread under the tray on which the flour is made to dough and while the dough is being kneaded, it prevents the crumbs from littering the floor. When the dough is ready they cover it with this sofreh while it raises. (...) When the bread is baked it is placed on the sofreh-ye nan which is the bread sofreh."

Other publications:
- Hamid Sadighi und Karin Hawkes, Kelims der Nomaden und Bauern Persiens, Berlin 1999.
- Hamid Sadighi, Paul Klee und die Kelims der Nomaden, in: Das Bauhaus webt. Die Textilwerkstatt am Bauhaus, Ausstellungskatalog, Berlin 1998, S. 120.


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