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Schloss Jegenstorf
General Guisanstrasse 5
CH-3303 Jegenstorf


Castle custodian
Peter Wieland, Jegenstorf:
Tel.++(0)31 761 01 59,
Fax ++(0)31 761 35 06


Administration: Heinz Witschi, Meiringen
Tel. ++(0)33 971 48 75

opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday
10am to 12am and 2pm to 5pm
Closed on Mondays
(Open on Whit Monday)

Admission prices:
Adults Fr. 7.--
Groups, military, senior citizens Fr. 5.--
Children under 16 Fr. 1.--

Guided tours:
Please apply to the Castle Custodian for guided tours in groups of at most 20 persons (standard admission price, plus Fr. 100.--)

Spitzen im alten Bern und heute

Schloss Jegenstorf BE, CH- 3303 Jegensdorf

28 May 2005 until 9 October 2005

  Jegenstorf Castle:

Museum for Bernese Home Décor. Richly-furnished interiors from the Renaissance up to the 19th century, but in particular from the 18th century. Stoves, clocks, portraits. A collection commemorating the poet Rudolf von Tavel (1866-1934). Memorial room dedicated to the pedagogue and economist Philipp Emanuel von Fellenberg (1771-1844). Exhibition of the Society of Economics and Public Welfare of the Canton of Berne in the Tower.

Exhibition of 2005 in co-operation with
the Swiss Lace society


Portrait Marianne Jenner-Jenner
by Emanuel Handmann, around 1772
Foundation Castle of Jegenstorf (from private collection)




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