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International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, XV Edition


San Francesco’s Church,
Largo Spallino 1
22100 Como

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24 September – 29 October 2005

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COMO - Italy

International Exhibition of Contemporary Art

XV Edition


24 September - 29 October 2005





Thursday 7 July 2005 - 11.00 am
Como - Palazzo Cernezzi, Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 97, 22100 Como


Saturday 24 September 2005 - 11.00 am
Como, San Francesco’s Church, Largo Spallino, 1, 22100 Como



MINIARTEXTIL 1991-2005 A “YARN” 15 YEARS LONG - Unveils the 24 September in Como, Italy the “FILOFILO” 2005 miniartextilcomo international contemporary art exhibit, XV edition.

MINIARTEXTIL this year, the international review of contemporary art, celebrates the fifteenth edition (1991-2005). With great critical success and increasing numbers in the public following (over 8,000 visitors in 2004 and anticipating 10,000 visitors in 2005) it unveils on 24 September 2005 the “Filophilo” edition 2005miniartextilcomo with the participation of artists from different parts of the world such as: William Kentridge, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Peter & Ritzi Jacobi, So Yeon Cho, Jagoda Buic, Marya Kazoun.

The review curated by Luciano Caramel, is conceived by the cultural foundation Arte&Arte - Nazzarena Bortolaso and Mimmo Totaro. The exhibition is funded by the Ministry per i Beni e le Attività Culturali with the support of the Municipality of Como, Province of Como, Lombardia Region, Industrial Union of Como, Como Chamber of Commerce, SPT Public Transportation Company of Como and Didactic Museum of Silk.


Filophilo, is the title that has been selected for the 2005 edition and is intended to recognize the artists, authors and promoters of the event, Miniartextil, that in 15 years have been able to place on the map contemporary textile art and bring to Como, Italian textile city of excellence, prominent artists and their works. A tribute to artists that with yarn have been able to weave with passion, commitment and dedication to this niche of the arts.


Among the 211 artworks arrived on site of Arte&Arte in Como from 32 different countries, fifty six art works (minitextiles) will be exhibited in the Saint Francis Church selected by the jury of “FILOPHILO” 2005miniartextilcomo, chaired by Luciano Caramel with Marisa Bronzini and Susannah Handley. Over 100 artworks will be exhibited in different locations throughout the City of Como. The diversity of the site locations captures the union of textile art and the reality of entrepreneurship in the textile industry in the region, like the Chiostrino of Sant’Eufemia, Space ‘la tessitura’ Mantero, Roberta Lietti Gallery, Milly Pozzi Gallery, Chamber of Commerce, Industrial Unions, Municipality Lombardia Region, Didactic Museum of Silk

This year the yarn continues to be the inspirational theme and protagonist of the exhibit. The event, unique in its genre in Italy, offers an international review of the fibre and textile art with the exploration of new techniques color and materials. The yarn used in an artistic form – from cotton, linen, copper, wood, glass, gold, plastic, silicone, stone, plexiglass to light – it assumes a new autonomy through the artistic creativity.


Exhibitor Site locations and Artists.

Church of Saint Francis: 56 art works select by “FILOPHILO” 2005miniartextilcomo; nine artists "Historical" from the Foundation Toms Pauli Lausanne:
Magdalena Abakanowicz, Machiko Agano, Olga de Amaral, Elsi Giauque, Suellen Glashausser, Kiyomi Iwata, Peter & Ritzi Jacobi, Hanna Jung, Lenore Tawney; eighteen artists committed to contemporary research: William Kentridge, Carlo Bernardini, So Yeon Cho, Nietta Condemi De Felice, Barbara De Ponti, Umberto Mariani, Mario Martinelli, Giuliano Mauri, Anna Moro Lin, Marilène Oliver, Valeria Scuteri, Marina e Susanna Sent, Margherita Serra, Katarina Zavarska, Gaia Clerici, Nanni Strada, Daniela Vecchi.

At the entrance of the Church you can see artwork of Enzo Santambrogio.

Sant’Eufemia Chiostrino: Three art installations by Peter Hol, Patrizia Guerresi Maimouni and Salvatore Sava.

‘La Tessitura’ Mantero Space: 24 selected artworks of small dimensions from the Bortolaso - Totaro collection; three art installations by Jagoda Buic , Pierluigi Fucci , Beatrice Meoni.

Didactic Museum of Silk : Exhibition of Ruth Guggenheim Nivola.

Roberta Lietti Gallery: Exhibition of Marya Kazoun;

Chamber of Commerce : Installation by Giovanna Bolognini;

Milly Pozzi Gallery: Exhibition of Giovanna Bolognini;

Municipality of Como : Installation by Vito Capone;

Province of Como : Installation by Carla Tolomeo;

Headquarters of Lombardia Region : Installation by Armanda Verdirame

This year the exhibit will feature the participation of William Kentridge, from South Africa, and the Canadian-Lebanese artist Marya Kazoun, who will also attend the 51st Art Biennale of Venice.



Like last year two awards have been assigned the “Antonio Ratti Award” (a bronze sculpture from the artist Nicola Salvatore) prize established in 2003 by Arte&Arte in memory of Cavalliere del Lavoro Antonio Ratti to “Germination-s” of Michiko Sakuma, regarded as the best art piece of small dimension and the “Mantero “la tessitura” Award” to Circe B-M of Yoki Kataoka as the best artwork made from recovered materials.

From Como to…

The minitextil exhibit will be housed in Nule (SS - Sardinia) from 15 December 2005 to 15 January 2006

In February 2006, the exhibition will move to Montrouge, near Paris, at the “Salon de l’Hotel de Ville”.

The event, entitled “Miniartextil in Montrouge”, will take place between 22 February, to 8 March 2006.


The catalogueis a bilingual publication (Italian/English) by Cesare Nani Editions – Como - which captions  the artworks with an editorial by Luciano Caramel, and contributions by Elena Di Raddo, Roberto Borghi and Emma Gravagnuolo.


Main Sponsor MANTERO SETA s.p.a. “la tessitura”

Gentili-Mosconi spa, Gentili srl, Mosconi Seterie srl, Sirio Tendaggi srl, Daniela Vecchi snc, Puntocomo srl,  Tes srl, Artestampa spa, Biseta srl, Comotessile srl, Texal spa, Peverelli arredamenti snc, Gidaltex,          Europ Marchini srl, OMAN snc, Stamperia Nuove Iniziative srl, Carboncini spa, Achille Pinto spa, Achille Pinto spa, Enzo Sonvico Disegni, JL Aldo Coppola, Cartoleria Centrale.

With the participation of Milly Pozzi and Roberta Lietti contemporary art galleries in Como

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