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Axel Langer, Museum Rietberg Zürich
Marie-Louise Nabholz-Kartaschoff, formerly Museum der Kulturen Basel

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Peacocks, Blossoms and Cypresses
Persian Textiles from the Qajar Period (1788–1925)

Haus zum Kiel, Zuerich

14 October 2005 through 5 February 2006

In collaboration with the Museum der Kulturen, Basel.

  Women clad in dark cloaks and somberly dressed men dominate our image of life in Iran. This view, however, is extremely simplified and does not honour the textile tradition that Persia indeed has. In fact: printed and painted qalamkar textiles, floral brocades, velvets and embroideries as well as geometric bath towels and colourful headdresses in ikat and batik technique were all part of this culture.

Clothes, accessories, wall hangings and fabrics exhibited in the show present an impression of the colourful life in Persian cities at the time of the Qajars (1788–1925).


Pfauen, Blüten und Zypressen: Persische Textilien der Qajaren-Zeit (1788–1925), Zurich 2005, by Marie-Louise Nabholz-Kartaschoff and Axel Langer, in german,
128 pages, great number of king size colour photographs, 30 x 23 cm, ISBN 3-907077-20-2
Subscription price (until 5 Feburary 2006): CHF 38.00, EUR 27.50


Guided tours by the Exhibition Curators:
- Sunday, 16 October, 11 am - Axel Langer
- Sunday, 30 October, 11 am -
M.L.Nabholz, in french
- Sunday, 6 November, 11 am - M.L.Nabholz
- Sunday, 20 Novemberr, 11 am - M.L.Nabholz
- Wednesday 30 November, 18* am - Axel Langer
- Sunday, 4 December, 11 am - M.L.Nabholz

* off the exhibition hours

- Sunday, 22 January, 11 am - Axel Langer
- Sunday, 29 January, 11 am - M.L. Nabholz
- Sunday, 5 February, 11 am -
M.L. Nabholz and Axel Langer

  Supporting programme:

Lecture in English:
- Auditory at Park Villa Rieter, Zurich, wednesday 9 november 2005 at 7.30 pm, free entrance,
The Golden Age of Persian Textiles: the 16th & 17th centuries,
Jon Thompson (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford)

- Auditory at Park Villa Rieter, Zurich, wednesday 16 november 2005, at 7.30 pm,
entrance fee CHF 25/20 (reduced), tickets one hour before beginning of concert
Classic Persian Percussion Art: Madjid Khaladj (Tombak, Daf and others)

- Haus zum Kiel, Zurich, saturday 14 January 2006, entrance CHF 5/3
- Haus zum Kiel, Zurich, sunday 15 January 2006, entrance CHF 5/3
Sofreh-ye aghd: Ceremonial arrangements for weddings, Iran Riahi

- Auditory at Park Villa Rieter, Zurich, wednesday 25 january 2006, at 7.30 pm,
entrance fee CHF 25/20 (reduced), tickets one hour before beginning of concert
Classical Musik of Persia: Ostad Mohammad Reza Lotfi (Tar, Setar, canto)
Mohammad Ghavihelm (Tombak and Daf)


Oil painting by Mirza Baba, Teheran, 1800/1801,
146 x 94 cm, collection Mrs. Eskandar Aryeh

Detail of men's gilet, (gilet persane),
embroidery: naksheh-duzi,
Isphahan, 2nd half of 19th c.
made in Europe from lower part of ladies pants


Derwish, last quarter 19th c., (VKM Zurich)

Derwish hat with embroidered inscriptions
Kerman, Mahan, End of 19th c.
collection L. Christ and F. van der Zypen-Christ
(MKB, IIe 3065)

  The Wealth of Swiss Collections
Apart from the embroidery, and the shâl and qalamkar fabrics already mentioned, Plangi and Ikat fabrics can also be found in the exhibition. Worthy of particular mention are sumptuous wall hangings of all kinds, women’s brocade jackets, children’s clothes, a chador with face veil and various small bags, shoes and hats. Apart from the Muslim costumes, another focus is on the dresses and richly patterned cloths of Zoroastrian women. All sixty-five exhibits come from Swiss collections, most from the Museum der Kulturen in Basel. Loans were also made by the Historisches Museum Bern and the Landesmuseum in Zurich as well as by private collectors from German- and French-speaking Switzerland.

To accompany the exhibition there will be a richly illustrated publication with an extensive and informative catalogue section, and a cultural-historical introduction – the first German-language catalogue dedicated to the subject. The exhibition will also be accompanied by a programme of guided tours, two concerts, one lecture and the public performance of a Persian ceremony during which textiles traditionally play a central role.

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