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Temporary exhibition 2006

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Woven Gold

Metal threads in Textile Art

30th April to 12th November 2006
Special exhibition 2006

  Press release:
Textiles made with gold and silver threads have inspired great admiration since time immemorial. Even the Old Testament mentions garments of gold and purple. These were luxury goods of the first order, ever reserved for the highest dignitaries. From ancient times to the eighteenth century, from China to Europe, they have always been the most valued examples of textile art.

This year’s special exhibition at the Abegg-Stiftung provides an insight into the decorative forms, lustre effects, techniques and materials used in the manufacture of these precious textiles. It shows late Antique gold weavings as well as medieval gold cloths from China and Central Asia. Gold-brocaded Renaissance velvets can be seen alongside richly adorned gold and silver embroideries of the Baroque. The exhibits reflect both changing tastes and the inventiveness of the craftsmen and artists. Their brilliant lustre and the sheer diversity of design remain a source of fascination to this day.



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