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Organized by: Carole Simard-Laflamme.

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 from 27 September to 29 October 2006.


Carole Simard was born in Baie-Sant-Paul and now lives in Saint-Lambert, Quebec.

After training as an architect she studied museology at the University of Montreal. She has travelled to Europe, Africa, Asia and the Near East; as an artist she has created monumental pieces integrated in architectural creations and has worked on numerous collective displays and events in Japan, France, Italy and Switzerland.

She has presented around fifty individual exhibitions in Canada and other countries. She has published several books, the most recent being “Vox fibrae”, which describes a fascinating teamwork project involving contemporary composers.

  Description: The exhibition comprises sculptures of many kinds, all made from pieces of used cloth that the artist has cut or adapted, interweaving them with wires and covering them with plastic or layers of metal to make them three-dimensional. The pieces are highly contemporary but, at the same time, evoke the experience of the past, the circle of life and the history of the earth.

The display is presided over by the “Great reredos” (measuring more than 8 metres), a veritable garden of flowers, earth, and gold thread made out of the clothes that once belonged to the artist’s mother. To either side are twelve pieces made with fabrics from the artist’s other finds in different cities and regions.
The soundtrack that accompanies Carole Simard’s work is the composition “Trois paysages proustiens”, written especially for her by François Tousignant.

During the month of October, DE NATURA: JE PORTE UN JARDIN coincides with another display of Carole Simard’s work, entitled “Les robes du temps: Habit, Habitat, Habitus” on show until January 2007 at the Museum of Costume, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture in Madrid, (, with the support of the Canadian Embassy.
My mother’s garden is based on a collection of her clothes that I put together some time after her death.

These clothes, unstitched and torn, cut up into small pieces, like seeds ... I covered them with sand from my country and trapped them in plastic.
I would like to celebrate this small, intimate reunion with my mother in her way, when, wearing a flowered dress, she would say “Je porte un jardin” She would think of the flowers in her garden, which she tended as her mood carried her, laying out the colours, plants and leaves according to their appearance and their textures.
She dreamt of shades of the finest colours. It’s true: during the day, she wore flowered dresses and in the evening she always wore black, as if, when night fell, the motifs that decorated her life disappeared. She followed the light of day, and seemed to retain only the essential part of it”.

(by Carole Simard-Laflamme: Habit-Habitat-Habitus, Éditions d’art le Sabord, 2002)

  With the cooperation of:The Quebec Council of Arts and Letters
The Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

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