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Textilmuseum St.Gallen

21 February until 15 April 2007

Detail of wall hanging "Santa Fe",
by Sylvia Heyden, 1992, Inv.Nr. TM 46255
To launch this year's range of exhibitions, the Textile Museum is showcasing donations and acquisitions in the field of textile art. The exhibits are mainly works which had previously been displayed in the Textile Museum on the occasion of a staircase exhibition or of a textile art exhibiton taken over from another institution , and which were then acquired by the Museum through sponsors or donated to the Museum by the artists themselves.

The works of art on show include a variety of serendipitous finds.
The collection was extended without the existence of an annual credit line for acquisitions or a collection concept. Thus the works were not integrated into the collection in compliance with common, overriding criteria. What connects the exhibits is the textile element, in terms of both technique and materials. In terms of quality and statements, however, each work stands for itself. In the exhibition, it is a specific context that relates the works to each other and to the onlooker. This context is based on an organic round tour inspired by the objects themselves: textiles are slow in the making. They are comparable with emergence and growth in nature. At the same time, their softness and fragility is reminiscent of transience. The works of art are expressive of the rich diversity of life, of rhythms and shapes, of calm and vivacity, or nearness and distance, of softness and hardness, and of light and of dark.

Detail of "Lebensrhythmus",
by Carla Pegozzo, Switzerland, 1999/2000, Inv. Nr. TM 49964
  The tour round the exhibition begins with Exploding Fireworks. The shapes and colours of these textile objects communicate the powerful abundance of life. This energy is contained by the time-consuming process of their creation.

Energy is followed by Meditative Tranquillity. This is brought about by lines and colours. Strictly geometrical textile pictures and transparencies invite you to dream. Only peace of mind and openness are able to intuit the nascent and create the new.

Out of tranquillity, then, comes Constant Emergence, quietly at first, then with increasing strength. Our own recollections and experiences of dissolution and emergence are espressed with the help of special techniques and a concerted choice of materials and colours.

Emergence gives way to Noble Aspirations. Aesthetic and imaginative creations have been made with valuable materials and a high degree of skilled craftmanship.

Finally, it is with an air of poetry that Centred Being blurs the borderline between craft and art. The works of art home in on questions of individuality and community the whence and the whither.

Text: Janina Hauser, Ursula Karbacher

Detail of paravent, no name,
Luba Krejci,
Czech Republic, around 1985, Inv. Nr.TM 43208
Detail of "Dream Catcher",
Keiko Kobayashi, Japan, 2000, Inv.Nr. TM 50813

Detail of Spring Sunshine
by Noriko Narahira, Japan, 1994, Inv.Nr. TM 46255


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