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Deutsches Textilmuseum
Andreasmarkt 8
D-47809 Krefeld

how to get there:
PKW: A 57
Abfahrt Krefeld-Oppum/Linn
P: Ortseingang Linn

Streetcar from station:
line 044-Rheinhafen,
stop: Burg Linn
  tel: ++ 02151 / 946 9450
fax: ++ 02151 / 946 9455

special guided tours:
11 October 2011, 7.30 pm with
Dr. Isa Fleischmann-Heck and
Dr. Uta-Christiane Bergemann
at Euro 10,
registration: ++02151/9469450
9 November, 11am to 1 pm with
Dr. Isa Fleischmann-Heck,
"Das Paradies der Damen...."
at Euro 6, registration ++02151/9469450

opening hours:
November 1st to 31st of March
tuesday - sunday 11 am to 5 pm
from April 1st to October 31

tuesday - sunday 10 am to 6 pm

guided tours:
see program and on request
entrance fees:
adults: Euro 4.50
children, reduced: Euro 2.50

further reductions: see homepage


  The German Textile Museum is located at the Andreasmarkt in Krefeld-Linn. The market is the secular centre of the small mediaeval town around the castle. One side of the square belongs to the textile museum. Half of the building is of a modern construction, while the other half betrays its past as an imposing residence of a mayor of Linn from the 18th century. In an appropriate setting one of the greatest museum treasures of the town of Krefeld is accommodated here: almost 30.000 textiles from all over the world, produced over a period of more than 2.000 years.
The museum collection was based on the former collection of patterns started as long ago as 1880 for the Royal Prussian School of Weaving. In the 1930s ownership of the collection, which had grown considerably in the meantime, was transferred to the town of Krefeld. A good number of the treasures contained in the collection stem from the production of velvet and silk, which has made Krefeld a city since the 18th century and the inhabitants of the town connoisseurs of these luxury items.

In order to preserve the highly sensitive materials and their colours for as long as possible the textiles are stored in a carefully air-conditioned archive. For this reason the museum does not have a display collection which is accessible to visitors. Changing exhibitions of the items stored by the museum and other museums provide an insight into the variety of the textiles and the comprehensive Krefeld collection. Between the exhibitions the museum remains closed. In addition, visitors have a library with adjacent reading room permanently at their disposal. Please contact us to inquire about the theme of the relevant exhibition! Regular guided tours take place every Wednesday and Sunday at 3 pm. Other guided tours and guided tours for children are available by appointment.

"Es putzt ganz ungemein"

Accessoires und Damenkleidung der letzten 200 Jahre

25 September 2011 to 15 April 2012


Zum ersten Mal überhaupt zeigt das Deutsche Textilmuseum der Oeffentlichkeit aus seinem reichen Bestand europäischer Mode eine grosse Anzahl an Accessoires - Kopfbedeckungen, Taschen, Tücher, Schuhe, Fächer, Schmuck und anderes. Circa 60 Damenkleider sowie zahlreiche Modekupfer aus der ersten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts ergänzen in schöner Weise die präsentierte Fülle an "Putz".

  Eröffnung der Ausstellung
Sonntag, 25. September 2011 um 11 Uhr in der Museumsscheune, Albert-Steeger-Strasse 5, Krefeld

Karin Meincke, Bürgermeister der Stadt Krefeld
Dr. Isa Fleischmann-Heck, Kommissarische Leiterin des Deutschen Textilmuseums

Dr. Uta-Christiane Bergemann, Bochum

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