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  Textile Centres:
  Decisions about the future of  E T N  (European Textile Network)

On Friday 15th May 2015 the General Assembly of ETN (European Textile Network) took place at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Leiden Holland. This Assembly was attended by 60 members. Beatrijs Sterk retired and also the Hannover Secretariat cannot continue.
There were the following decisions about future of ETN:
ETN members Christina Leitner and Andreas Selzer from the Textile Centre in Haslach, Austria, offered that from 2017 onwards the Bureau for ETN would move to their Centre.
They also outlined some proposals for ETN in the future:
• They think of a new rhythm of meetings with a Conference in Haslach every three years. In the years in between there could be conferences in other countries together with local textile actors. The Haslach conferences programme would include lectures on one certain topic plus networking sessions.
• They would also organise a curated exhibition of work by ETN members and an ETN prize for outstanding artistic or scientific textile work.
• They plan to go on with the Newsletter, and to create a new website where each member could upload information.
• One more proposal was to create scholarships for ETN members with ETN members and artistic residencies. They thanked Beatrjs Sterk and Lala de Dios for meeting them in Helsinki ETN during the recent NTA Conference and so having the opportunity to discuss the future of ETN.

They are already in talks with the government and the textile industry for financial support. However, they will not be ready to take over the network administration until 2017.

  For the period 2015 - 2017

As the closing of the Hannover Secretariat office cannot be delayed any longer, Lala de Dios offered to take over the running of ETN, working from her office near Madrid, Spain, untill, at least, the 2017 General Assembly.

She offered:
• To do / coordinate all the administrative tasks regarding the network finances, membership and others.
• To go on sending information to members, via the Newsletter unless other means be devised by the Board.
        Also sending the Calendar and the ETN membership list due to be published in 2016.
• To update the ETN data base so that all previous work does not go wasted.
• To receive and answer the mail.
• To take care of the organization of the 2017 Conference.
• To take care of any other matter related to the operation of the network.
Board members Patricia Christy and Vibeke Vestby were willing to remain on the Board.

The new Board
Lala de Dios, Spain, President.
Andreas Selzer, Austria, Secretary General.
Vibeke Vestby, Norway, Treasurer.
Patricia Christy, United Kingdom, Board member.
TEXERE website:
Christina Leitner, Austria, Board member.
Elisabeth Brenner, Sweden, Board member.

ICOM Costume-Committee

ICOM Paris, for changes of address:

Since October the Costume committee has a website:
- the deadline for the next Costume News, 2010 is
April 15th 2010.
Recommended size for pictures in the gallery is ca. 800 x 600 pixels.

In the members section there is the members directory
If you are a member of ICOM and if you would like to have access the procedure is the following:
You choose a log-in name and a password. In order to maintain the high level of security which isr required, the editor (Pernilla Rasmussen) must check that your name appears on the current membership list before she allows access. If so, she sends to you an e-mail that the password is enabled, and then you can log in. If you forget user name and password you have to open a new account.

7-12 November 2010, Shanghai, China
22nd General Conference of ICOM
Costume Committee meeting coordinator:
Dr. Yuan Jie, Chinese Academy of Arts in Beijing.

Any members with experience and/or contacts in Shanghai are welcome to contact the Board with suggestions. Note there is a possibility of applying for a travel bursary (see the ICOM site), and Director General Julien Anfruns announced when he visited in Lyon that favorable airfares would also be available.

The official ICOM website for the conference - including registration - is:
Information also available on ICOM's website at:

ICOM participation in the Shanghai World Expo:
Though one of the first deadlines has already passed, anyone eager to contribute costume images to ICOM’s presentation at the Shanghai World Expo can contact Ms. Yu Zhang ( The theme is “Better City, Better Life”, and the Expo takes place from May to October 2010.

  Textile Centers
in Great Britain:

- Constance Howard Resource and Research Centre in Textiles.
The Constance Howard Resource and Research Centre in Textiles is housed in the basement of the elaborate late Victorian Old Town Hall building in New Cross high street:
Goldsmiths College, University of London, New Cross, London SE14 6NW, UK
Telephone +44 (0)20 7919 7171

- Royal school of needlework

- Name: AHDS Visual Arts

Browse and Search The Textiles Collection at:

specially interesting to the CIETA embroidery group are the chapters as published by ahds Visual Arts: The Textiles Collection: University College for the Creative Arts at Farnham:

- History and Context
- The Material Collection
- The Slide Collection
- Terminologies

- Embroiderers' Guild in Britain, Apt. 41, Hampton Court Palace, Surrey KT8 9AU, UK; tel: +44-20/89431229;

in Italy
- Centro Studi Tessuti e Moda
Civica Galleria di Palazzo Bianco, via Garibaldi 11, Genova, Italy

  Textile Centers
in German Speaking Countries:

netzwerk mode textil - Interessenvertretung der kulturwissenschaftlichen Textil-, Kleider- und Modeforschung e.V.
is a new textile group - in german language, founded in July 2008 by Jutta Beder, Elisabeth Hackspiel and Gundula Wolter. The aim is to unite everybody interested in textiles and costume. There is a calendar of exhibits and meetings, as well as a list of new books about textiles and costumes.

Northern Europe:

- TENEN - The Danish Society of Textile History
information sent by Lone de Hemmer Egeberg, Gaerdet 12, DK - 3460 Birkerod, fax +45 45821557

- HV
Djurgardslatten 82-84, SE - 115 21 Stockholm
Tel 08-545 68 650 - Fax 08 545 68 654 - -

HV - a "House of Textiles" maintaining traditional skills while pioneering new developments in textile art. The complex is a powerful force for arts and crafts of the highest quality.

This institution was founded in the town of Bl÷nduˇs in Iceland. Its aim is to promote Icelandic and international textiles by holding seminars and to encourage research as well as education within the textile field of art and design.
More information: E-mail:


Dealers of Antique Textiles:

- in Florence:
AntichitÓ Piselli-Balzano

- in Paris:

  in USA:

The Antonio Ratti Textile Center, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10028-0198
see: Cieta Embroidery group
Newsletter No 8
/ July 1998/ 7
  Textile Centres in Asia:    
  - in Taiwan:    
  International Embroidery Research and Development Center, Tainan, Taiwan
Embroidery is part of the cultural heritage that has been passed on from earlier generations. Located at the junction of Mainland China and the Pacific Ocean, Taiwan has been greatly influenced by the eastern and western civilization.
The International Embroidery Research & Development Center was established in February 2000, to promote the needlecrafts through research and teaching.

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