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HV - a "House of Textiles" maintaining traditional skills while pioneering new developments in textile art. The complex is a powerful force for arts and crafts of the highest quality.

As printed on a flyer about the institution:
Handarbetets Vänner (The Association of Friends of Textile Art) was founded in 1874 by a group of women with Sophie Adlersparre as the driving force. The founders wanted to preserve the aesthetics and craft skills of traditional textile art. Over the years most of the country's leading artists have worked in close collaboration with the weavers and embroiderers in our studio.

HV has acted as a versatile centre of high quality textile manufacture using traditional techniques. HVs clients are equally artists and private individuals. The genuine feeling for different materials and for craft skills displayed by the staff, as well as an eye for colour and form, makes it possible for HV to realize almost any artistic idea. Artists collaborating with HV are not only textile artists but painters, graphic artists and sculptors.

HV STUDIO has produced many of the leading works of textile art in Sweden both for pulic buildings and for private homes. It is the country's largest studio for the production of original textile art, theatre curtains, carpets and furnishing fabrics for both public buildings and for the home. The most famous work produced in the studio is Elisabet Hasselberg Olsson's tapestry "Memory of a landscape" which hangs in the Swedish parliament.

HV LICIUM works exclusively with ecclesiastical textiles. Founded in 1904 by Agnes Branting and Mimi Börjesson. It was headed by Agnes Branting until her death in 1930. Sofia Widen, Edna Martin and Asa Bengtsson then took over as Artistic Directors. That post has been held since 1997 by Marie-Louise Sjöblom.
HV LICIUM has been part of HV STUDIO since 1952.


Babro Nilsson, 1961, Marcus church, Stockholm

Ruth Hallberg, Licium, 1917,
Vreta convent church, Ostergotland

Licium is a highly symbolic name. The actual word means "weaving knot", a knot securing new threads to the old warp. Licium fabricates new textiles, following on from old ones. Handarbetets Vänner and Licium merged in 1952 and the workshop is now called HV Licium
HV LICIUM also has the expertise to clean and repair historically valuable textiles.

HV SCHOOL offers a three year professional training in textile crafts as well as organizing short courses in woodworking and textiles. HV SCHOOL teaches textile crafts as well as training course leaders and textile consultants who help to stimulate interest in textile art in the provinces.

HV GALLERY shows a varied programme of textile exhibitions each year.



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