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Linen Embroideries from the Region of Lake Constance
published in: CIETA-Bulletin No 68, 1990, p. 107 - 110, by Anne Wanner-JeanRichard

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  Another example also illustrates the simple and naive style and the close relationship to woodcuts. It is the linen embroidery showing the Creation of Eve, dating from the second half of the 16th century, in the Textile Museum of St Gallen. The model can be found in the World Chronicle of Schedel. There are other examples which show an even closer relationship to illustrations of the Froschauer Bible of 1536, by Hans Holbein.

The Bible was translated into German in the late 1520s and 30s and widely distributed throughout all levels of society. Jophannes Cochlaeus, a German humanist, said for instance that the Bible was produced and distributed by the printers in such numbers that many people who bought it were only able to read a little German on a gingerbread (8).

  So the linen embroidery of this period is different from that of earlier centuries. It seems an expression of a great cultural movement, which was spread throughout all classes and levels of society.

There are many mor aspects which are worth looking at in this group of textiles and it is hoped that new research will be done on the linen embroidery of this period.

8 - Ph. Schmidt,
Die Illustration der Lutherbibel, Basel 1977, p. 12,13.


Detail of tablecloth, Bathseba, 16th c.,
Textilemuseum St. Gallen, Inv.No 20014


Detail of wall hanging with creation of Eve, 16th c., Textilemuseum St. Gallen, Inv.No 20003

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