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The Sample Collections of Machine Embroidery of Eastern Switzerland in the St Gallen Textile Museum
in: Textile History, 22 (2), p. 165 - 176, 1992, by Anne Wanner-JeanRichard

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  The Firm of Jakob Tschumper
The St Gallen Textile Library also keeps a large number of patterns attached to boards from the firm of Tschumper.
Unfortunately there are no records about the founder of the firm, Jakob Tschumper (born 1849), or about its development.

The sample collection from the firm's estate covers the years around the turn of the century and contains several hundreds of boards with thousands of patterns. At the moment, preparations for the treatment of these boards, mainly the ones with Aetz (burnt out) and Spachtel (cutout) patterns, are being made.

A trace of Tschumper can be found in Philadelphia, USA (19).

The textile department of the city's art museum houses a small collection of machine embroideries which came there on the occasion of the world exhibition of 1876. Four cards (20) with patterns are marked as Bion-Tschumper, St Gall, Switzerland.

The same collection also contains an unfinished, but cut, lady's skirt and jacket, decorated with hand-machine embroidery, from 1876.
There are several white nineteenth-century dresses, some of which are hand-machine embroidered, in the costume department. All these dresses had been worn at some time, and their origin is not as clear as it is with the patterns on cards.

20 - these cards were studied in Philadelphia in 1989. They bear the inventory numbers 76.463 (1,2,5,7)

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