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Swiss Whitework Embroideries
a paper, given at the CIETA meeting of 1989 in Chicago USA, by Anne Wanner-JeanRichard

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  Examples of Appenzell Embroidery
  In the end of this short survey I am showing some examples of Appenzell embroidery. This is the term of Swiss embroidery in the 20th century.

These following examples were used in the family of a former governor of Appenzell. Several family dates are known and so some of the pieces can be dated:
Clara Diethelm married the first time in 1907 and here is a picture of her wedding handkerchief. One can see the influence of Art Nouveau.

After the death of her husband she married again in 1916. The coat of arms of the family Rusch was embroidered a little later. There is also a simple coverlet and here we have the date of 1922. Her daughter told me that the family gave order to make this cloth in 1948. It was used several times for the last rite.

A letter of 1958 exists which says, that in 1958 there were no longer any women in Appenzell to be found who were able to embroider the margins with buttonhole-stitches.

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Wedding Handkerchief of Clara Diethelm, 1907
today Textilemuseum St.Gallen

Corner of Handkerchief, around 1900


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