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Pair of baroque needlework pannels
in deep relief:

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  The raised work is in very deep relief and the quality of embroidery, particularly in the cornucopia of fruits is outstanding.
The embroideries were reapplied onto a lame backing in the early 20th century. To disguise this fact, some of the silk embroidery on the lame is also of this later date.

Francesca Galloway would be very interested to know:

- country of origin and, if possible,
- the particular commission because the quality or workmanship warrants further reserch.

baroque needlework pannels:
European, circa 1680
a) dark ground: 100 1/2 x 31 1/2 ins (255x80cm)
b) lighter ground: 100 3/4 x 31 1/4 ins (256x79 cm)

A pair of spectacular panels of high quality, professional embroidery. Coloured silks and a variety of metal threads are worked in high relief with flat and raised work over cords and three dimensional padding. The embroideries incorporate fine needle painting and plain and patterned couched work.
Each panel is decorated with a scrolling arabesque emerging from a large cornucopia filled with fruit and vegetables above a trellis of scrolling vine, grapes and flowers and separated by a border of twisted rope. One panel illustrates the pelican pecking her breast to feed her young while the other depicts the pelican rising from flames, each watched by a coiled serpent. Two smaller cornucopia of fruit and vegetables, including pomegranates, pears, grapes, corn and marrow, emerge from the arabesque to give balance to the whole desin.


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