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question in May 2015
(by Rosalia Bonito Fanelli)
some considerations on the need for a renewed methodology in embroidery research

question in April 2013
about 3 embroidered pannels

question in June 2012:
about a special embroidery technique

question in 2009:
about a ceremonial cross

questions in 2004:
- India-Portuguese embroidered coverlets

questions in 2003:
- "Centre Héllénique de recherche et de Restauration des Tissus Archéologiques"
- vêtements liturgiques brodés réversibles

questions in 2002:
- Moritzburg, search for a design for wall covering
book cover
Pair of baroque needlework pannels in deep relief

questions in 2001:
- art embroidery around 1900, question by Silke Mechelke
The Sampler Guild, how to become a member


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