ANNE WANNER'S Textiles in History / vocabulary

  Meeting in Munich, 7 and 8 February 2003


  The exhibition in Munich was splendid. Birgitt Borkopp helped us very much and gave us a lot of her time.

On Friday morning we first visited the restoration atelier and we could study three chasuables which were not jet exhibited. But as the exhibition was extended for 2 weeks, there was a change of some of the objects.
We also studied interesting objects in the reserve room.

Friday afternoon we worked in the library. Fortunately Mrs Renate Krisper had made translations from the french text of the publication - Vocabulaire de la broderie de couleur (Nicole de Reyniès), dans: Livres en broderie - Reliures françaises du Moyen Age à nos jours, 1996 - into german. Our two french friends explained specialities and words which are not existing in german.

Saturday morning we studies the exhibition and we enjoyed the explanations of Birgitt Borkopp.
In the afternoon we continued our vocabulary work in the library.
In "gold embroidery" the different materials used have to be explained first. A second part is dedicated to the techniques.
Our studies in german language with some translations in french, can be found under: goldembroidery

  The members participating at the meeting were:
Christine Aribaud, Toulouse, Francoise Tetard-Vittu, Paris
Birgitt Borkopp, Munich, Dela von Boeselager, Cologne, Ursula Karbacher, Switzerland, Renate Krisper, Vienna, Karen Stolleis,Frankfrut, Anne Wanner Switzerland

We will try to have a meeting again at the next CIETA conference in Lissboa.

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