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Tilleke Schwarz
Tilleke Schwarz,
Westlaan 19,
NL-2641 DS Pijnacker,
The Netherlands -

  Exhibitions and workshops in 2010

Dear all,
I like to invite you for my upcoming exhibition in  museum De Kantfabriek (means the Lace factory)   The museum shows an overview of my embroidery fom early samplers till recent work including my 2010 piece.
It opens on March 28 at 11.00 AM and you can visit till May 14th.
Sorry to say everything is in Dutch but I hope it speaks for it self. In case you want to know details, just email me.

In case you plan to visit the Dutch Textile festival in Leiden from March 24 to 28 have a look at my works in the Pieterskerk.

Last but not least museum Rijswijk is presenting the works of the 62 group of international textile artists from April 3th till May 23th and I will participate in that show as well. So except for the tulips there are many reasons to visit The Netherlands soon.
best regards and enjoy spring,
  Tilleke Schwarz

- March 28th  till June 14th  solo exhibition of contemporary embroidery of Tilleke Schwarz in museum De Kantfabriek in Horst (eastern part of The Netherlands near the town of Venray and near the German border), see . And a lecture on May 9th 2010 at 3 PM 

Museum De Kantfabriek in Horst (near the German border) shows from March 28th till June 14th 2010 contemporary embroidery of the well known artist Tilleke Schwarz and a selection of traditional samplers of the collection of the NCH. The two exhibitions make an interesting combination as the work of Tilleke Schwarz is inspired by the Dutch sampler tradition.
The exhibition opens on Sunday morning March 28th 2010 at 11 AM.  During the exhibition the book Mark making (about the art of Tilleke Schwarz) is for sale.
On Sunday afternoon May 9th 2010 at 3 PM Tilleke will give a highly illustrated talk about her art and inspiration. Interested? Please contact the museum to reserve your ticket.

The NCH (which lierary means: Netherlands Center of Handicraft) has a beautiful collection of traditional samplers, recently guarded by the museum De Kantfabriek. The collections consists of hundreds of items dating back to around 1600.
Museum De Kantfabriek (literary: museum the lace factory) is housed in a former lace factory. The permanent collection consists of former lace machines from different factories in the region. These machines are  presented in a contemporary manner. The museum combines the permanent exhibition with temporary exhibitions of traditional textiles and contemporary textile art. For information you are invited to visit the website:

- July 24th till September 12th 2010 solo exhibition of contemporary embroidery of Tilleke Schwarz in Ruthin Craft Center in Rutin  (Wales, United Kingdom), see for details:

Oct 6th  till Oct 10th  2010  “Having fun with a miniature”, teaching a workshop at Masseria della Zingara near Bari in southern Italy. I will be a delightful holiday in which you will make a miniature while enjoying the relaxed place, great food and the nature around us.

Nov 20th – dec 22th  2010 small solo exhibition in Galerie De Kapberg in Egmond a/d Hoef in The Netherlands

And several group shows in The Netherlands (see my website:;
and work selected for Fiberart International in Pittsburgh Center for the Arts  (USA) from April 16th – Aug 22th  2010 and travelling afterwards to Rochester and San Francisco, see:

Academy for Arts and Industry, Enschede, general arts and textile design
Free Academy for Modern Art, The hague, textile experiments, drawing and painting
Many group and solo exhibitions all over the world
1990 winner of the European Anchor Award for Embroidery Design
many publications
  Tilleke Schwarz about her work:
I love textiles because of their tactile qualities. Textile generally has more intimate relationship with the public and is very suitable to communicate emotions.
Folkart and daily life are great sources for inspiration.
Each work contains many images, icons and texts.
This results in contemporary embroidery with a graffiti-character.
With the work different thoughts are expressed that relate to one another on several levels.
"Welcome to the real world"
handembroidery and stitching on linen, cotton and silk yarns, 66 x 68 cm, framed (embroidered part 55 x 53 cm), 2001
The title refers to the presidential elections in the USA. George Bush used to dream last year about a great victory, but was confronted with a lot of discussion if he was elected legally.
Nasdaq went down.

There is exciting textile news: in Switzerland the first machine-stitched stamp has been produced.

And some local news too of course: an add in which Hajo Jongepier looks for people with asthma from the Dutch province of Friesland.

  My work contains many images and icons in combination with texts. By combining them in a new way new meanings may occur. This way a multitude of thoughts are expressed that relate to one another on several levels. That way it invites you to reflect on our modern life as we are confronted with an abundance of images and information. In dealing with all this information we cannot always understand and be conscious of everything we experience. But I hope that the poetry will communicate even before it is understood (free interpretation of T.S. Eliot).

"TALES" (Photo: Rob Mostert)

Hand embroidery with silk, cotton and rayon yarn on linen cloth, pieces of material, lace and textile paint, 62 x 63 cm

"TALES" is about the stories people tell to one another. The work consists of little texts and images from daily life. The visitor may connect these images and give it his or her personal meaning. One can combine texts in different ways and see how the meaning changes. When visiting London Zoo a sign said: 'London zoo would like to thank Sir Anthony Hopkins for sponsoring an anoa'. I loved the text especially since I never heard of an anoa. Another text is on a nursery rhyme and there is a box for dog waste (from a London park). The top of the work refers to a wedding.

The text also refers to the textile tradition and questions the definition of a sampler.

And being fond of cats, there had to be a cat in this work.

"Loosing our memory"
"Loosing our memory" is about information and communication, major issues in approaching the year 2000. Administrations need to be milleniumproof and to prepare for the euro.

There also is a hidden crises in the digital information age. The risk of "losing our memory" because we cannot use digital archives due to problems with preservation and fast changes in hard- and software. Information is more essential than ever for humanity to really communicate. That includes information about the past, the present and the future.

"Into the woods" (detail, embroidery on linen)

"Racing thoughts, detail"



drawing on paper


see exhibition of the artist in Leyden, Holland



detail : Re-do, embroidery on linen

detail: count your blessings, embroidery on linen

Activities in earlier years:

Exhibition: 23 april t/m 11 mei 2005
Galerie Arti-Shock

More news sent 20 of march 2005:
I will also participate in Northern Fibre VI in Finland (international workshop and exhibition),
have a look at for information about the workshop and the artists (with plenty of pictures).
And I am very flattered to be invited to lecture at the symposium Sign Post to a New Space in Harrogate (UK), have a look at .

on 5th of november 2003:
- For information on the exhibition go to   and hit:  art of the stitch / sample.
- In a few days Art of the Stitch will travel to The Netherlands to the Dutch textilemuseum.


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