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  Modelejon - Manligt Mode, 1500 - 1600 - 1700, by Lena Rangström, 1993
Lions of Fashion - Male Fashion of 16th, 17th, 18th century
An English Catalogue
ISBN 91 - 87 594-18-8

  The Lions of Fashion
Although compiled in conjunction with the exhibition "The Lions of Fashion", this book has been designed to remain useful long after the exhibition closes.

The book was edited and most articles and descriptions of exhibits written, by Lena Rangström, First keeper of the Royal Armoury. A formidable amount of scholarship went into the making of it, including the first everwide-ranging, comparative study of men´s costumes in the Royal Armoury.The result is a prime example of the way in which thourough historical research , with theory and practice going hand in hand together, can generate new knovledge and relate points of details to a wider context.

Lions of Fashion - reflecting of the age, by Lena Rangström
Presentation of three European wardrobe collections contributing to the exhibition:
The collections of Electoral and royal costumes in the Dresden Rüstkammer, by Jutta Bäumel
The Costume Collection at Rosenborg Castle, by Katia Johansen
The Royal Armoury costume collections, by Lena Rangström
- Renaissance lions of the Vasa court, by Lena Rangström
- The Sture garments, by Inger Estham
- Ten jousting doublets received to late, by Lena Rangström
- Gustavus Adolphus the Lion from the North, by Lena Rangström
- A pair of rediscovered breeches which "His Late majesty The King had on him at the death in 1932", by Lena Rangström
- "Polish" garments, by Katia Johansen
- Three lion Palatine : Charles X (1622-1660, Charles XI, 1655-1697 and Charles XII (1682-1718), by Lena Rangström
- "Un habit tel que le Roy de France defunt a porté dans les grandes Ceremonies" - a "Rhinegrave" dress formerly belonging to Augustus August II "the Strong", King of Poland and Elector of Saxony, by Jutta Bäumel
- Fashion in Spanish and Nils Nilsson Brahe costume of 1655, by Lena Rangström
- Lions of fashion in Roman costume, by Lena Rangström
- The lion cub, by Lena Rangström
- "Wore a white dress of silver cloth…" - of princely bridegrooms´ costumes, by Jutta Bäumel
- Fancophile fops, lachrymose nature-lovers and men in home-wear - aspects of the 18th century
by Lena Rangström
- The all -Swedish lion - Gustav III´s Swedish national dress project, by Lena Rangström
- In the lion's den - one night -gown and dressing gowns, by Katia Johansen

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